Fentress County Tennessee Veterans, published by FCHS, 2013

Contains names, rank, units and branch of service, dates of service, medals or citations earned and photos when available for veterans who lived, died or had connections to Fentress County from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm in the Iraq War. This 527 page hardbound, 8-1/2” X 10-1/2” book has general information on the major wars and is fully indexed. $60 + $8 postage and shipping.


Pictorial History of Fentress County Tennessee, Vol 1 printed by FCHS 1998; Re-printed 2013

This volume was updated and re-printed by popular demand and is available in softbound and hardbound covers. Hardbound, $35 + $5 shipping; Softbound, $20 + $5 shipping.


Conflict in the Cumberlands by Caster D. Patton OUT-OF-PRINT

Revised and enhanced with many photos, this reprint of Patton’s original late 1980’s book dealing with the Civil War on the Cumberland Plateau includes a comprehensive listing of civil war involvement with regiments, companies and soldiers and their activities on the Plateau. You’ll want a copy for your reference library and one for your coffee table!  Indexed and durably hardbound,  8-1/2 X 10-1/2, 183 pages. $30 + $5 postage and shipping.


Journey to the Cumberlands by Caster D. Patton OUT-OF-PRINT

Traces numerous Upper Cumberland families from their eastern roots to their new homes in the Cumberland Mountains. Pedigree and descendent charts provide quick references to many early settlers in Overton, Fentress, and Pickett Counties. Indexed and hardbound, 8-1/2 X 10-1/2, 159 pages. $30 + $5 postage and shipping.


Autobiography of Rev. A. B. Wright compiled by Rev. J. C. Wright

This very popular Journal written in real time by a 19th Century Circuit Riding Methodist Minister will be one of your most often referenced books if you have ancestors who lived in the region between 1843 and 1893, the span of Wright’s Christian life & ministry in the Methodist Church. Hardbound, 447 pages. $15. + $5 postage and shipping.


History of Fentress County by A. R. Hogue

This reprint of the 1920 edition of Hogue’s original work published in 1916 is still held in high esteem as the first official history of the county. A. R. Hogue was a meticulous historian who interviewed the oldest people living at the time and researched the oldest available records for this book. Softbound cover, 158 pages. $10 + $4 postage and shipping.


History of Wilder, Davidson, Highland Junction, Sandy and the Hollow by Hazel Wheeler

An accurate history with pictorial views of people, buildings, and community life in these communities during the height of the coal mining era. Softbound, 8-1/2 X 11, 60 pages. $12 + $4 postage and shipping.


History of York Institute by Maudean Shanks

This valuable hardbound edition is 370 pages, printed 1994.  $40 + $5 postage and shipping.


Jamestown Back Then and Now by Hazel Wheeler

Jamestown was established in 1828 from plans drawn by John M. Clemens, father of Mark Twain. Wheeler recounts in accurate detail the major events of historical significance to the mountain city, whose original name Sand Springs was taken from the series of small springs that surfaced in the sandy soil and where Indians frequently hunted and camped.  Balanced between a reminiscent look at the past and a pictorial portrayal of recent progress.  Softbound, 8-1/2 X 11, 60 pages.  $12 + $4 postage and shipping.


Mark Twain’s Obedstown and the Knobs of Tennessee by A. R. Hogue

A Historical Review of Jamestown and Fentress County, this volume was originally published in 1950 by Hogue and reprinted in 1990 by the Historical Society. It is softbound and 91 pages. $8 + $4 postage and shipping.


One Hundred Years in the Cumberland Mountains by A. R. Hogue

Printed 1933 by the author and reprinted 1987 by the Historical Society. Contains personal sketches of early settlers and leading citizens, significant early land grants, court records, old deeds, and county officials. Softbound, 92 pages. $8 + $4 postage and shipping.    TEMPORARILY OUT-OF-STOCK


Sergeant York and His People by Sam Cowen

Reprinted from the 1922 signature biography of the famous WWI hero and most popular son of Fentress County. Full text of 1922 book plus updated with data and pictures. Softbound, 96 pages. $10 + $4 postage and shipping.


David Greer Family History by Dr. Joyce Greer Crouch

An Attractive book is as helpful as it is good-looking. Dr. Crouch begins with a summary of the Greer/Greear family name with its roots connected to the MacGregor Clan in Scotland. The Greers are followed to the American Colonies and on into Kentucky and Middle Tennessee, arriving in Fentress County from Cannon County Tennessee around 1855. Many collateral families  are included, notably the Beatys, Crouches, Delks, Goneys, Matthews, Stephens,  Stories, Upchurches and many other names so familiar to the Upper Cumberland Mountain area. Softbound full-color front cover, 139 pages. $20 + $4 postage and shipping.


James B. Crouch Family History by Dr. Joyce Greer Crouch

This large volume was printed in 2011 and covers 10 generations of Crouch Family History. Dr. Crouch distinguishes between two James B. Crouches with similar birth dates, one who settled in Kentucky and the other in Overton-Fentress County Tennessee. The book traces the lineage through the Tennessee James B. Crouch. Each individual entry is numbered according to generation and earlier entries in that generation, and the ancestors of each individual are listed for quick reference. In this comprehensive volume, Dr. Crouch makes extensive use of records available through, numerous other Family Histories and York’s Fentress County online database. The book is softbound with plastic spiral binding, 663 pages. $30 + $5 postage and shipping.

Musings on Fentress County Education by Dr. Joyce Greer Crouch

This volume truly should be in the library of every Fentress County educator and anyone who has an interest in the history of education in Fentress County. The term “musings” is misleading, for the book is actually a history of education in the county, beginning from the earliest records of public education in the county and tracing its development to the present. Dr. Crouch is imminently qualified to write such a historical volume, having spent 35 years in education, including twelve years in the Fentress County School System. Students, teachers, administrators and all who have been influenced by a Fentress County teacher will find this book a treasury of information and memories as the pages bring back those happy school days of yesteryear.  The book is softbound, with 245 pages. $35 + $5 postage and shipping.

Fentress Countians in the Great War compiled and edited by Dr. Joyce Greer Crouch and Mrs. Kathy Williams, this special tribute to all those who entered service to their country in World War I, also called “The Great War” and “the War to end all wars” contains over 300 records of the military service of men and women from Fentress County. This volume, printed in 2017, is a fitting companion to the earlier publication of Fentress County Tennessee Veterans, published in 2013, as it builds upon the information already contained in the earlier volume. Softbound, 150 pages; $30 + $5 postage and shipping.

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