First Families

First Families of Fentress County Certificate

FIRST FAMILIES OF FENTRESS COUNTY started in 1998 as a way to recognize and honor those who can prove they had an ancestor living in Fentress County when the county was organized in 1823. The idea grew out of FIRST FAMILIES OF TENNESSEE, a project of East Tennessee Historical Society that was associated with the 200th anniversary of Tennessee’s becoming a state in 1796. Nineteen Ninety Eight marked the 175th year since the establishment of Fentress County.  

The application is available here.


ELIGIBILITY: To qualify for a First Families of Fentress County Certificate, the applicant must directly descend from an ancestor who settled in the area of Fentress County as laid out in 1823. The applicant must be able to prove descent from the ancestor (male or female) by an official records or records. Each generation back to the ancestor must be proved by the applicant. Current Fentress County residency by the applicant is not necessary.