The Fentress County Historical Society was organized for the purpose of collecting, organizing, preserving, publishing and disseminating all kinds of historical and genealogical information that tells the story of the geographical, historical, cultural, social, religious and political heritage of Fentress County and the surrounding Upper Cumberland Plateau.

The Society researches, documents, publishes and preserves historical events and facts, genealogies, biographies, manuscripts, essays, newspapers, letters, diaries, journals, photographs, drawings, maps, public court records, memorabilia, artifacts, relics and any other records related to the life, conditions, events and activities of the citizens of Fentress County  and surrounding counties, especially our parent counties of Overton, Jackson, Smith and Sumner.

The Society promotes genealogical research by publishing books, articles, essays, census records, birth, death and marriage records, cemetery records and other compilations helpful to others in knowing, recording, or compiling their own family histories.

The Society encourages researchers to explore some of the many internet resources currently available. We have listed a few of these under our LINKS panel on the Home Page. One internet resource of note is BRUCE E. YORK’s FENTRESS COUNTY database of names of persons who have lived in, passed through or are related to families in Fentress County.

The URL to the database is .

Disclaimer: The Fentress County Historical Society is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the content on this web site.  Bruce E. York maintains this database and all questions should be directed to him at .  

Genealogy Photos

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