Arts and Crafts Bloom at Spring Roundup

Photo by Nelson Matthews

Photo by Nelson Matthews

The Fentress County Historical Society’s Spring Heritage Day Roundup is less than two weeks away, and excitement is building as the event continues to grow. The focus of this year’s event, the twenty-sixth, is Fentress County Arts and Artists: Past and Present. The Roundup will be held at York Elementary School, Saturday, April 30, starting at 9am and continuing till 3pm. Perhaps one of the largest in recent years, the 2016 Spring Heritage Day Roundup will be spread out on the school grounds and continued inside the cafeteria and the gymnasium. Many artists, craft artists, musicians, storytellers, authors, genealogists and others are expected to be on-site to demonstrate, exhibit, perform and share their knowledge of history, genealogy and more. Several participants will also offer their work for sale.

Participants are continuing to register for the Roundup and a final list, along with the day’s schedule, will be printed in the Courier, next week. Below is a partial list of individuals expected, along with the art form that each will be presenting:

  • Shelia Hall: Quilt maker and seamstress. Embroidery demonstration.
  • Debby Johnson: Children’s book author. Will talk about how her first book, Anya and the Secrets of Cupola, relates to history. Quill pen maker.
  • Angie McLain: Pastel artist. Works in watercolors and creates one-of-a-kind handcrafted greeting cards.
  • Kerry McLaughlin: Creates glass art, yard art, designs for shepherd’s hooks, bird feeders, and more.
  • Nelson Matthews: Outdoor photographer. Photography exhibit.
  • Denise Reagan: Photographer. Photography exhibit.
  • Johnny Roysden: Woodcarver. Demonstration and animal carving exhibit.
  • Cliff Thacker: Blacksmithing. Tool exhibit.
  • Kenny Tompkins: Woodworking exhibit and shaving horse demonstration.
  • Nancy Upchurch: Oil painting and print exhibit.
  • Jude Urbanski: Author. Will discuss her book about Chanute and several other books.
  • Jeff and Pam Wilson: Creators of handmade mosaic tiles. Exhibit and demonstration.
  • Lester Wilson: Chair maker and furniture refinisher. Exhibit and demonstration
  • Mrs. Lester Wilson: Makes corn shuck dolls and handcrafted soaps. Exhibit and Demonstration.

Also expected are: Dustin Mills, who uses a metal detector to research old building sites. He will demonstrate the use of the metal detector for those who are interested in learning to use it for their own research. Shawn Gray, who researches and writes in several Upper Cumberland counties, will have a book table. He is active in the Overton County Historical Society. Michael Bonioi, with the Cumberland County Archives, will also be present, as will Bruce York, who has a large Fentress County genealogy database. Kathy Williams will present the First Families of Fentress County and the Fentress County Historical Society will have local history books for sale.

The Spring Roundup would not be complete without the performing arts. The lineup for this year’s event, includes: Leonard Anderson, folk musician; The Singing Rexroats, Southern Gospel singers; Alice Bowden, Heartstrings; Denise Reagan, folk and ballad musician; The Fentress County Bluegrass Boys, and “Elvis” (Justin Miller) will recreate the King of Rock.

Storytelling will be very much a part of the program. Jim Buck, local storyteller, will tell his story of The Forgotten War. Dr. William Lynwood Montell will tell ghost stories from his book, Ghosts Along the Cumberland. Linda Jones, of Grey Gables, will tell stories of early life in Rugby and exhibit and talk about clothing that was worn by the ladies of the British colony during its early years.

Barbecue plates will be available for lunch in the school cafeteria.

The sound system for the day’s program will be provided by Justin Miller.

According to Willie Beaty, Chairman of the Fentress County Historical Society, and Debbie Delk, Society President, registration is still open for the Spring Roundup; and Fentress County artists and craft artists are encouraged to contact the Society for more Information or to register:

Willie Beaty: 879-7622 or Tom Potter: 879-3006

The Fentress County Historical Society Spring Roundup 2016 is free and open to the public. It is an event that families and friends can enjoy together while learning about the history and heritage of this place we call home – Fentress County, Tennessee.